A virtual journey into the museum

The virtual museum currently consists of 9 videos. The first two are fully visible on line. The others are, for now, visible on request or, on site by appointment.

Full list of videos

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Presentation of the museum.

Tiny, almost invisible stitches

video embroidery the wedding trousseau (kit)

One life, one trousseau (kit)

Jolanda’s life and her trousseau. Historical reenactment of the events with real actors.

A dream of stitches

Refined embroidery to dream a future as a queen, with models worn by real models.

The most precious sheet

The most precious sheet.

How to embroider

Demonstration of embroideries.

The wedding trousseau (kit): three interviews

Three interviews with ladies embroiderers of the past.

At the embroidery school of sister Luisa

A personal testimony.

Not... to lose the thread

By the association “from the spindle… onwards”